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    ‘Pluviose’ is the beneficiary of three generations of specialist knowledge. We offer solid quality and service at a fair price. Every potential client benefits from a personal approach. Your project is completed down to the smallest detail within the proposed budget and deadline.

    Our walking stick collection caters to all ages
    and combines functionality with style and elegance. We give the walking stick a new dimension.


    We have over 25 years of experience in the production of walking sticks and umbrellas.



    Don’t settle for standard publicity. We combine your logo and company colours into a unique promotional item that stands out in the street.


    Fast delivery is part of our professional service. Our large stock enables us to keep lead times to a minimum.


    We produce unique, limited edition collections. Pluviose has an in-house graphic designer who designs your umbrella in accordance with your wishes.

    Manufacturer of walking sticks and umbrellas