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    How do I put together my promotional umbrella?

    If you want the umbrella to be used on a regular basis it is best to go with a sober design. Flashy umbrellas often stay in the boot when it rains. Compared to people from warmer climes, we Westerners still opt for discreet umbrellas. Does your company have a company colour? Then start from that main colour and combine it with logo colours. If you have a great image that symbolises your company or your professional activities then we can transfer it onto the fabric of your umbrella.

    Other ideas can always be translated to an umbrella context.

    Manufacturer of walking sticks and umbrellas

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    Advys takes over Pluviose, the reference in walking sticks in Belgium.

    Pluviose has been a producer and distributor of walking sticks since 1988. The brand has been known for 3 decades for its budget-friendly mobility solutions of excellent quality and has grown into a reference in the healthcare sector.

    Under the wings of Advys, founder Hans Feys continues to play just the same role as before.

    Together with this takeover, Advys also takes over the exclusivity contract of the Spanish premium walking stick brand Finna. This prestigious brand offers a high-end walking stick with its exclusive stylish models.

    Advys has been a medical device wholesaler since 1995, adding two renowned brands to its portfolio of ADL healthcare products with this acquisition.

    You can always e-mail orders via sales@pluviose.be or orders@advys.be

    Nicolas Vandermarliere
    Manager Advys